Create A 12 Step Marketing Plan Using A Tried & Tested Methodology That Works!

Our accredited signature marketing course "Marketing Strategy: A Framework For Success" will give you the knowledge and the tools you need to create an effective marketing plan using both online and traditional marketing methods.

Create A 12 Step Marketing Plan Using A Tried & Tested Methodology That Works! Create A 12 Step Marketing Plan Using A Tried & Tested Methodology That Works!

Is Your Marketing Process Driving Your Business Forward?

When we talk about marketing we don’t just mean one piece of activity or another – we mean the actual process and by that we mean, how well are you connecting your tasks, your team, your goals, your business character, your offering, your progress and your sales?

The answer to many commercial challenges lies in how you view marketing and the role it plays in your business. Marketing is a massive business process and often disregarded as just one piece of activity. There are many parts to the puzzle and with the incredible range of opportunities, communications and creative support available to deliver marketing output, it is a very exciting world!

Making sense of all of it so you can focus on bringing in the money is another matter and is a challenge that many business owners face and often its driven by a lack of time, funds and resource. Often coupled with a sense, of “we need sales now!”

So, imagine being able to plan activity, gain ideas, connect all the thinking, be sustainable, basically join the dots and get results in 12 steps?

Training Workshop

Our Signature Course:

Effective Marketing Planning In 12 Steps

We deliver an energetic workshop that gives you a clear and solid visual to what marketing looks like and how it can be applied in your business so you get results. 

There are 12 essential relationships or as we like to call them, threads, that when connected through marketing activity represent how well you are performing.  By offering a clear definition of marketing and presenting it as a workable and deliverable process we clearly demonstrate how you can achieve a sustainable marketing culture in your business.

In the session you have a workbook where you can start to map action points in line with commercial purpose – this is the basis of your marketing plan.  As part of the programme we also introduce My Marketing Button, an online platform where you can add your tasks following the methodology you learn in the workshop.  The software is your online marketing plan which means you can access this anytime and involve other members of the team if required.

As part of the programme you also gain  2.5 CPD points, a years' student membership of The Institute Of Leadership & Management and we offer FREE use of My Marketing Button for 12 months.

My Marketing Button - Your Online Marketing Planning Tool

Our companion online planning tool will help you fast track implementation of your marketing strategy, visulise progress and put what you have learnt on the course into practice. Get 12 months' free subscription on completion of your workshop.

4 x 3 = 12 Step Marketing Process

12 Step "Button" Methodology

Our signature training and our online platform are both underpinned by our robust "button" marketing planning process. Our solid 12 step process gives you a framework to follow as you plan and execute your marketing activities. It gives you a reliable formula that you can follow time and time again to empower you to carry out effective marketing activity connected to a plan.

We have taken Marketing Planning and distilled this critical business process into 12 easy steps. Every business has four key business areas (button-holes):

1. Clients, 2. Prospective Clients, 3. Products & Services, 4. Communications

Each business area has 3 connections (threads). You profile your business in each of the 4 areas, then plan and implement tasks for each of the threads. Your people are the magic ingredient weaving those threads through your button and generating real results. Following our formula really is as easy as 4 x 3!

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What To Expect From Attending Our Workshop...

You & Your Team Will Take Away:



Crucial knowledge of the process you and your team need to implement to reach your goals.

Your Workbook

Your Workbook

A physical workbook in which you can take notes and profile the four key areas of your business.

12 Step Planning Process

12 Step Planning Process

Details of the 12 steps you need to take to make an effective marketing plan a reality for your business

Fresh Ideas

Fresh Ideas

Fresh ideas and a wall planner to take back to the office. This will help you and your team with idea generation and strategy formulation.

People Power

People Power

An understanding of key roles, responsibilities and how to practice effective communication

Capitalise On Opportunities

Capitalise On Opportunities

Profile internal and external influences and weave these into your button

Efficient Working Practices

Efficient Working Practices

Save time and money by linking tasks and communicating effectively

2.5 CPD Points

2.5 CPD Points

Each delegate gains 2.5 hours of Continued Professional Development (CPD) points

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Student Membership of The Institute Of Leadership & Development for 1 year.

Our Pricing

Most Cost Effective
Bespoke Workshop:
Marketing Strategy
per company

Fully accredited workshop (up to 6 people) held at our place* or online. £99 per additional person. This includes 12 months FREE access to our online platform, My Marketing Button. For a limited time, we are also including 2 hours of 1:1 support to be used in first 3 months.

*Pricing is available on application for a workshop at your place, or a venue of your choice, dependant on location.

Attend A Group Event:
Marketing Strategy
per person

Fully accredited group workshop held in either online or in our dedicated training room in Darlington. This includes 12 months FREE access to our online platform, My Marketing Button. For a limited time, we are also including 2 hours of 1:1 support to be used in first 3 months.

An opportunity to network with like minded people from other companies.

Book Your Place On One Of Our Workshops Taking Place Soon

Browse our calendar of up and coming training courses and events, which give you the opportunity to attend a course with other businesses - this is a great opportunity to make connections! Simply book using the Eventbrite link in the event listing.

Bespoke Courses For Your Team

If you'd rather book a training course just for your business, please  contact us to book a bespoke event for you and your team. We can't wait to meet you!

  • Bespoke workshop tailored to your requirements

  • Interactive, high impact learning

  • Generate fresh ideas and solve business challenges

  • Optional ongoing consultancy and support available

Tools for your Marketing Team

Take Advantage Of Our Continued Support, Using My Marketing Button

Access our unique methodology for marketing strategy in the form of a web app and instantly track marketing performance whether at your desk or on the go!

Plan and coordinate your marketing, assign tasks to implement your marketing plan and track your process each quarter.

  • Your Marketing Button represents your business

  • How well your button is stitched on denotes the effectiveness of your marketing activity including sales conversions

  • Use our app to help you grow your business and overcome challenges

  • Our digital assistant Ruby is here to guide you, making sure you achieve your marketing goals

  • Follow Ruby on our social channels for all the latest news

Whats more, take part in the Red Button Marketing and Training programme and get a XX% discount on the My Marketing Button software.

iTCHYROBOT worked with Margaret at Red Button Marketing & Training as part of a workshop to give us an external perspective on our marketing strategy and we have integrated the My Button App to ensure that our marketing activity is kept focused and tracked to keep us targeted towards achieving our objectives. The app is simple to use and easy to manage which is a revelation with marketing software and the interface is not complex but engaging and intuitive. We hope to roll the app out to the team to encourage co-ordination and a bit of healthy competition.

Rebecca Lambton

Get started, Get planning, Get Results

Behind our business are people with years of experience in marketing, technology, sales, customer service and hospitality, so all the components you need to know that you are in the best hands with our solution.

Take part in the Red Button Marketing and Training programme today and learn how to plan, implement and track your joined up marketing plan.  The Red Button Marketing and Training programme gives you the knowledge and tools to help you create a streamlined way of thinking when developing your marketing strategy. We know what it takes to face challenges, identify goals and see a clear path ahead to achieving them.

Business Owners & Directors

The influence marketing has on your business is extraordinary. Marketing has an impact on everything your organisation does, from customer service to employee retention to departmental budgets. Marketing is a catalyst to achieving your business goals no matter if they are short or long term, which directly effects your overall company performance.

  • Improve Return on Investment (ROI).

  • Understand HOW marketing and your business goals align to create a plan.

  • See WHY marketing activities are integral to your business success.

Marketing Managers

Ensuring marketing activities are planned effectively, completed in a timely manner and communicated clearly to your team is crucial to achieving your goals. Our 12-step process for Marketing Planning will guide you through the planning process, saving you time and money.

Your marketing plan should outline the key activities that are the stepping-stones to achieving the wider business vision.

  • Save time when planning.

  • Communicate goals and targets effectively.

  • Connect marketing activities with the wider business objectives.

  • Drive results.

Marketing Coordinators & Assistants

Learn WHY marketing activities are connected to overall business success by seeing the links between your activities and the impact your results can have on other departments.

In our workshops you will learn about HOW ideas can turn into marketing activities in 12 key areas, showing the purpose behind the plan leading to business success.

  • Understand the importance of having a marketing plan.

  • Keep track of your progress and report back to key individuals.

  • Achieve results.

  • Adapt to changing circumstances.