A conversation with Bowe Digital Ltd
Case study: A conversation with Bowe Digital Ltd
15th January 2021

We have been working closely with Bowe Digital Ltd since 2018 and we completely adore being involved with this great IT company! Initially we were involved to support with developing a telemarketing programme and then in 2019 we got involved on a more strategic marketing level.

Our brief was to help develop other communication channels and work with the Operations Director, Lorraine, to help her bring to their visions to life. This involves supporting with social media, email marketing and more recently we helped launch “Bite” their networking event which proved to be extremely successful. Bowe were keen to ensure well-coordinated and focused marketing delivery which suits us down to the ground!

We have certainly enjoyed getting to know the team at Bowe who are all amazing and super friendly (one of them even has hidden disco dancing talents!) This has also helped us as they give fantastic IT support and were awesome at helping us migrate to Microsoft in particular the use of Microsoft Teams which has made such a difference to our business.

In the two years we have been involved with Bowe, we have seen amazing developments including many significant client gains as well a range of strategic business partnerships being established.

Bowe are very much about partnerships and this is one of the many reasons we love being on board.

So, we just had to grab a chat with Lorraine and find out a little more about her journey so far at Bowe.

Download the full case study here (PDF).

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