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A Button is Born!
6th October 2019

At some point in our lives we all look an idea and think “why didn’t I come up with that?”

Something seems so obvious when we look at it in a finished state, yet we tend to not consider the journey of the concept and just what was involved in bringing the idea to life.

It’s only now, 3 years into my business that I can look back and reflect.  During the last 3 years I have had many people say, “what a great idea” “your idea is excellent and really works and is the easiest system to follow”.  This kind of feedback has made me look again at how I came up with my business name, brand and overall identity.

I suppose I underestimate in some way the power of clarity of thinking! Being able to strip back and just look at how you think and feel and be able to translate that into a business idea that has scope to grow and multiply.

When setting out on my own business journey, I quickly realised that it was in fact me and knowing what I represented and could deliver was the key to developing my brand.

Breaking down my focus on marketing into 4 main areas I quickly saw it as sewing on a button and it was literally as simple as that!

The first thing I did was call my mum (she is amazing at all things stitching yet unfortunately, I don’t have her talents in this)  I said “mum, do you remember that you said I would be ok in life if I can just sew a button on, well that’s my business name!”

My thought process didn’t go any further than that until a few months into my business when I spotted that in all cases I was using a formula to bring together all my activity – I was using the button!

Without labelling it, I had undertaken the best branding exercise, actively carried out product analysis, market tested and developed something motivational, deliverable and exciting.

Understanding that branding is all about business personality is so important.  Businesses have life and feelings and for me it was just natural to immerse myself in that when looking at my own needs.

My advice to anyone looking at marketing or even starting in business – look at you, look at the people in your community and understand that – the name, colour, representation and all aspects of presentation and brand will follow.

It’s taken me 3 years to consider myself an inventor and now I do – I am not at the end of my journey by any means and it is still early days.  I continue to learn, be challenged and be rewarded however, I remain focused on the end game.  So, keep an eye out for where the button goes next!

Margaret Bradshaw

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